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Type ZS Bushing (Short Series) - (Metric OD - Metric ID)

Toolholder Bushing Type “ZS”
The most flexible Toolholder Bushing for all types of CNC Turning Centers, Turret Lathes and Chuckers. The Elongated Slot gives the user a complete interchangeability with all brands of equipment. The added Set Screws in the Head allow for increased rigidity. The bushings are hardened and precision ground concentric. Can also be used for Preset Tooling.

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  • Inch OD – Inch ID
  • Inch OD – Metric ID
  • Metric OD – Inch ID
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of Slot
Under Head
Part Number
32mm 1-7/8" 5/8" 2-1/4" 10mm CNC 86-42ZSM 10mm
12mm CNC 86-42ZSM 12mm
16mm CNC 86-42ZSM 16mm
20mm CNC 86-42ZSM 20mm
25mm CNC 86-42ZSM 25mm
40mm 2-1/8" 3/4" 2-1/2" 10mm CNC 86-43ZSM 10mm
12mm CNC 86-43ZSM 12mm
16mm CNC 86-43ZSM 16mm
20mm CNC 86-43ZSM 20mm
25mm CNC 86-43ZSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-43ZSM 32mm
45mm 2-3/8" 3/4" 2-3/4" 12mm CNC 86-44ZSM 12mm
16mm CNC 86-44ZSM 16mm
20mm CNC 86-44ZSM 20mm
25mm CNC 86-44ZSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-44ZSM 32mm
40mm CNC 86-44ZSM 40mm
50mm 2-5/8" 3/4" 3" 12mm CNC 86-45ZSM 12mm
16mm CNC 86-45ZSM 16mm
20mm CNC 86-45ZSM 20mm
25mm CNC 86-45ZSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-45ZSM 32mm
40mm CNC 86-45ZSM 40mm
45mm CNC 86-45ZSM 45mm
65mm 3-1/8" 3/4" 3-1/2" 16mm CNC 86-46ZSM 16mm
20mm CNC 86-46ZSM 20mm
25mm CNC 86-46ZSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-46ZSM 32mm
40mm CNC 86-46ZSM 40mm
45mm CNC 86-46ZSM 45mm
50mm CNC 86-46ZSM 50mm
80mm 3-3/8" 3/4" 3-3/4" 25mm CNC 86-47ZSM 25mm
32mm CNC 86-47ZSM 32mm
40mm CNC 86-47ZSM 40mm
50mm CNC 86-47ZSM 50mm
60mm CNC 86-47ZSM 60mm
65mm CNC 86-47ZSM 65mm
90mm 3-7/8" 1" 4-1/2" 32mm CNC 86-48ZSM 32mm
40mm CNC 86-48ZSM 40mm
50mm CNC 86-48ZSM 50mm
60mm CNC 86-48ZSM 60mm
65mm CNC 86-48ZSM 65mm
100mm 4-3/8" 1" 5" 40mm CNC 86-49ZSM 40mm
50mm CNC 86-49ZSM 50mm
60mm CNC 86-49ZSM 60mm
65mm CNC 86-49ZSM 65mm
80mm CNC 86-49ZSM 80mm