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What is VDI

What is VDI
The main principle behind the VDI System is a quick-change, cam-operated clamping system for each toolholder within the tool disc. Tool changes can therefore be performed within seconds, rather than within minutes as with the traditional block system. The toolholders can also be preset away from the lathe on a presetter. This quick-change design principle has been employed in Western Europe for many years, but is relatively new to North America. We offer the full range of VDI quick-change precision toolholders for CNC lathes. We offer the largest selection from several suppliers with extensive stock at competitive prices. Shanks from 20 to 80mm are offered.
All VDI holders are manufactured to the strictest tolerances and conform to DIN 69880 and VDI3425.
Other Features Include:
  • Heat-treated steel with approx. 700N/mm2 tensile strength
  • Hardened and ground cylindrical shaft
  • Ground tool seat faces and shoulder black oxided to retard oxidation
  • Internal coolant supplies with adjustable ball-type nozzles square tools can be preset with spring loaded plates